Tuesday, December 02, 2014

After five years...

Listening to: Fall Out Boy - Centuries
Mood: Still reeling emotionally
Writing: Chronicles of Derenvere - Black & White (Book 1)

So after five years of participating in Nanowrimo and only barely scraping past the mid-20k, I've finally done it. I won my first Nano with a strutting 50,234 words.

I say strutting because I've just gone past the halfway point in my novel and have another 5 chapters to write to get to the end, and the muse is still running ahead.

I'd really like to join in the What Now months coming up (January and February 2015) so my goal is to complete this novel by the end of December. As it stands, Tuesdays and Fridays are the best days for me to write because the kids are all at school. I also want to continue the writing routine I've adapted during Nanowrimo and write every night. 

I know my family have been asking to read this book. I know the version I have up on my Fiction Press is old and incomplete. But I do have my standards, and since this was NANO, the majority of what I've written needs to either be hammered into shape or cut out completely. Until it's in decent enough shape, I'm not sharing it with anyone.

Congratulations to everyone who won Nanowrimo 2014. 
To those who didn't win: it took me years and I finally got there. Just don't throw in the towel!

Happy writing and reading :)