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Storytelling is a talent passed down through the generations in my family. It is a way of life in that the more you live, the better the story; the deeper the experience, the broader the plain to connect with readers. Just like life is about people so writing is about people - about their love, their loss, their triumphs, their failures, and their x ever after. I write to understand myself and make sense of life. I share my work in order to find others who can relate to my characters, or their lives, or the moral of the story.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Of love and special things

The house is quiet for now, which is kind of strange considering the kids are usually up and about an hour earlier than this. I don't have much time to blog today. I have a birthday card next to me that needs to get finished, and breakfast to go smack together in a dirty and cluttered kitchen - all hopefully to be done by the time the kids wake up screaming 'want weetbix!'

It's a hectic weekend for us, with the more chaotic day waiting for tomorrow. Anyone who has moved house knows it's not a piece of cake.

Speaking of cake, I need to go bake one soon. Chocolate cake with caramel treat as icing. It's going to be lovely.

Back to today, however, it's my hubby-to-be's 30th birthday. What an inconvenient time to be moving, right? But considering our current landlord is shady on the reasons why she wants us out, I didn't even want to bother asking her if we could delay the expiry date for another couple of days. Mostly because I can't stand people who are very obviously being dishonest and grappling for air when you demand explanations.

So, amidst the half-packed boxes and plastic bags and ironing (oh yes, believe it or not, the ironing hasn't stopped harrassing me even in this time) cluttering up our house, and all the packing that has yet to be done today, it's good to set aside some decent time to pay special attention to a special person. I don't think it's raining today, and it might be a bit windy and overcast - although what else is new? - but I think a trip down to the park for a round of family cricket/soccer will be nice. Maybe if it's not too cold I'll pack us a picnic too.

We've been invited to our friends' place for dinner tonight. So likely I'll bake the cake this afternoon and take it along with us. No gifts from me today, though. I already got him an early birthday present - a proper work table for his workshop - a couple of weeks ago. I'd have loved to have had it delivered on this day but life doesn't work that way. If I didn't buy it when I did, it would have been gone by the time I wanted to purchase it. I'm not being pessimistic by saying that. It happened to me before and, well, I live what I learn.

My cheeky monkey is up and demanding something from the kitchen, and little Mister is yelling from his cot. Oh, there we go.
'Want weetbix!'

Back on mommy duty.

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