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Storytelling is a talent passed down through the generations in my family. It is a way of life in that the more you live, the better the story; the deeper the experience, the broader the plain to connect with readers. Just like life is about people so writing is about people - about their love, their loss, their triumphs, their failures, and their x ever after. I write to understand myself and make sense of life. I share my work in order to find others who can relate to my characters, or their lives, or the moral of the story.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Setting Up Some Writerly Things

I think I need a break from my novel, despite not having really written anything for a week.
One of the local writer's groups that I'm part of on Facebook shared a writing contest for a magazine from our neighbours across the ditch. I had a look at it, being the curious person I am, but decided I'm probably not cut out for what they're looking for (political and cultural themes - things that only apply in my fantasy world but that I don't dabble in much otherwise).

It got me thinking, however.

So I scrolled down the group page some more and found that someone had shared a link to another writing group called 'Aerogramme Writers' Studio'. I hopped on over and opened Pandora's Box.

I've signed myself up for a few writing competitions:

~ Becoming a Teacher article for In Fact Books (creative non-fiction)
Deadline: 9th March 2015
[Note: I'm an Education Support Worker for children with special/extra needs]

~ Fables and Folklore Short Story for Papercuts
Max: 3-3.5k
Deadline: 15 March 2015

~ New, unpublished stories only for the Bristol Short Story Prize ( £8.00 per entry)
Max: 4k
Prize: Get published in the Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology Volume 8 (and a lot of pounds and some vouchers)
Deadline: 30 April 2015

~ Short story for Zoetrope: All-Story Short Fiction Contest
Prize: $
Submissions Open: 1 July 2015
More details to come.

And once I've got my Nano 2014 draft complete, rewritten, scrutinized on Scribophile, revised and proofread and edited to my best ability, I'll be submitting it for digital publishing to Momentum.

I figured that since it's a kids' writing contest that got me into writing in the first place, I should pick up the habit again and start sending my work in. Maybe I'll get lucky and get published, maybe I won't, either way, at least I'll be doing something productive.

Happy writing, my friends!

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